Never Not Very Extraordinary

So much of our everyday lives are spent doing the ordinary: taking out the rubbish, cleaning our desks, organising our schedules, listening to relatives tell the same old boring stories, doing the washing up, catching up on new Netflix shows, trying not to get depressed by watching the news.⁠

But then, every so often, we get to put on something extraordinary like the Psychological Artistry Magic show.

And for an hour or so, we get to embody a pair of characters who are, quite literally, magical.

Embodying magical people makes your world feel never not very extraordinary!

Being able to embody these mystical, magical (and quite frankly, utterly stupid) characters, is a wild privilege. It’s a fantasy that a very slim proportion of the population gets to endure and enjoy.

Embodying magical people like this makes your whole world feel never not very extraordinary!

Never Not Very Extraordinary

We get to live in these people’s strange and extraordinary world. Their loopy world, their sad world, their incredible world.

This world lets us read people’s minds, exist in a plain where terrible puns are cartoonishly real, where we can predict and influence the future, where we can achieve the extraordinary, and most importantly, where magic itself is absolutely real.⁠

But this is only half of the picture: if there’s one thing we’ve learned from the terrible and tragic events of the last 2 years, it’s that our once ordinary lives could do with a little more appreciation of the extraordinary moments.

The World Is A Magical Place

The things we used to consider boring, plain and mundane – going on buses, sitting in cafes, walking around city centres, running into our neighbours, making idle chit chat, shaking hands, hugging our loved ones – these are the things we missed most during the darkest days of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The pandemic taught us that the moments we once considered ordinary are, in fact, extra ordinary.⁠

Reaching a balance between our ordinary, down to earth existence and the extraordinary, fantastical, magical and mystical versions of ourselves has shown us that these little, ordinary moments are what make our lives truly magical.

We like to finish most of our performances with the following quote: “The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

From the devastating impact on our business, to tremendous mental and physical health problems, to the slow road of recovery from COVID itself, and the strange, unknowable effect this will have on our future generations, the last few years has left us with one indelible lesson: hold on tight to what you thought was the once plain and every day, and you’ll see these moments anew; as Never Not Very Extraordinary. ⁠

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