Professional Father-and-Son Magicians – comedy and magic perfect for your care home! We’d love to share our fun, energetic, engaging, and entertaining style with your residents by performing our magic.


AGMagicians – Father And Son Entertainers

We have specifically written and produced a number of different shows that are ideal for residents of care homes, including magic, nostalgia, music and comedy.

Our magic is a great way to share something special and entertaining with your residents. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, whether it’s just your weekly entertainment slot, if it’s a birthday party, holiday party, if it’s a seasonal or festive celebration, magic is an incredibly fun, engaging and unique experience for all!

What we do gets people involved and smiling straight from the beginning – always making sure your residents have lots of fun using a wide variety of laugh-out-loud magic. 

We are both very proud members of Equity – the variety and entertainment organisation that has served actors, entertainers, and live variety acts for nearly 100 years.

We are both professional entertainers – meaning we earn our living out of performing around the UK and across the world – and so we are very happy to belong to Equity. It means we are covered for Public Liability Insurance up to £10,000,000 and belong to a 47,000 strong group of professional performers.

We pride ourselves on being prompt, both in communication, and on never having been late to a paid performance. We are always open and transparent about what we do and always strive to deliver a high-quality, engaging and fascinating performance!

What We Do

Magic and Variety
Our performances pull on a whole host of entertainers from the golden era of Variety, such as Morecambe and Wise, Ken Dodd, Bruce Forsyth and many more. This mix of different styles of entertainment and engaging, family-friendly (with a bit of mischievous cheek) comedy really relaxes people and gets them involved.
Magic and Music
Music is one of our favourite things to use in our shows because it not only helps prompt memories, but it also gets people joining in by having a good old sing-along. As you can imagine, our typical audience loves everything from the Doris Day to Abba to The Birdie Song!
Magic and Nostalgia
Precious memories are formed when we’re younger, and our magic pulls on our love of the heady time from the mid 1940’s to the late 1970’s. George grew up in the 60’s and Alex has a very special place in his heart for all things retro, from Beatlemania to The Saint to Wheeltappers to the Carry On films and Bay City Rollers.

Our Shows

Magic is already an incredibly unique and powerful way to entertain and engage your residents – we count ourselves as being incredibly lucky to go around the country sharing wonderful entertainment.

Our performances involve magic, nostalgia, music, and comedy, always making sure that they are appropriate for your residents. We have a number of different shows, all of which are based on traditional variety entertainment.

We love creating an enjoyable, entertaining, and interactive atmosphere and experience for everyone in our audience. We would love to have a chat with you about how we can meet your specific needs and requirements.

We have a number of different shows available – however, the few below are our most popular. We are happy to mix these shows together and combine them into something custom fit for you and your audience! Please get in touch below if you want us to do this!

Thoughts Allowed

Our Thoughts Allowed show brings together comedy, mental magic and mind reading in our signature style of engaging and interactive magic.

In these shows, we recreate a variety mind reading show from the past made famous by the likes of the Piddingtons in the 1940’s and Maurice Fogel in the 1950’s.

You can expect to have your mind blown open by amazing and mystifying stunts, whilst laughing all the way through and witnessing some incredible, absurd and impossible feats of the mind!

Afternoon Delights

Carry On Regardless

Our Afternoon Delights show combines whimsy, mystery, and cheekiness with our own style of comedy magic.

You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the funny, witty and a little bit cheeky interplay between the two of us and everyone else in the audience. This show is inspired by the likes of Carry On, Morecambe and Wise, Victoria Wood and many more!

This magic show continues the tradition of live Variety Entertainment by amazing and amusing our audiences, deceiving and delighting in equal measure.

Joker's Wild

Our magic stand-up show laughs at the funnier side of our magic. It’s a little bit loose, a little bit silly, and with a lot of improv, bouncing off you and the whole audience!

We don’t take ourselves too seriously – we want to have a laugh, share some mystery, help you forget the state of the world, and get you enjoying yourselves. This show is where we can let our hair down and go, as the title says, wild

It is a high energy, engaging and interactive live performance. Our main aim for this show is that we all enjoy ourselves and have a good laugh with a bit of mystery in through out.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve developed a flexible style of deliver that takes into account the nature of the people in front of us. We have a structured show, but we are never bound by it. We use our skill of improvising so it’s always reflective of our audience.


To give you an idea of the range of what we can do, our magic shows involves various funny props, including different hats, e.g. Tommy Copper, witches hats etc., noise makers, colourful puppets, and tactile objects.


Each show has a different combination of tricks. We have tricks involving music and singalongs from the 1950’s and 1960’s, tricks that bring in variety artistes, as well as bringing in traditional magic with cards, ropes, appearing objects, newspapers, a bit of mind reading, and escape tricks etc.


These shows are between. 45 minutes and an hour, and are always high energy, interactive, engaging and funny, based on the interplay between our exaggerated characters and the residents.


We love it when we get them laughing along with us and getting to have fun with them. We’re really pleased that we constantly get these responses and positive feedback from both the residents and the staff as well.


George’s background is in the public and voluntary sector, working as a psychologist with vulnerable adults. Alex’s background is in theatre and drama. Although we are father and son, we have both been performing together for over 11 years professionally. We’re also Equity members, which covers us for public liability insurance as well.


So, we understand that budgets can be limited, but it is also vital for your residents to experience a high level of quality live entertainment. We would like to work with you with your budget in mind. As a rough guide, our average is £125 per show.

Live Entertainment

We know and appreciate, especially after the last two years of the Coronavirus, how important the experience of live entertainment is for staff and residents.

We love seeing people enjoying themselves, laughing and singing together, or even just taking in the atmosphere of our performances. We know how vital this is for resident’s wellbeing. 

This is very personal to us – George has spent much of his life in the public and voluntary sector as a psychologist working with vulnerable adults. We’re always personally moved by the responses we receive from our audiences. 

Who Are We?

With us, you get two entertainers performing a wide variety of fun, laugh-out-loud magic.

We love performing our magic, entertaining people, and having fun. It would be great if we could chat and see what we can do for you: please use or contact information to get in touch or click here to fill in our enquiry form!

George has been performing and entertaining for over 30 years, and Alex has been performing and entertaining for more than 15 years.

We have been performing together for over 10 years at a large variety of events and in a large variety of homes, including work for the Barchester group, Age UK, Anchor, the NHS and many more.

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