Professional Father-and-Son Magicians – comedy and magic perfect for your party! We love doing our party magic and entertaining your guests with our mix of mystery, comedy and our signature father-and-son style. 

What We Do


Above all else, we are entertainers. We use magic and comedy to get people laughing, smiling and joining in the fun during your event!


Our main aim is to get people engaged - that means breaking the ice, holding their attention and helping them enjoy themselves!


We bring our own unique mix of comedy and magic together to both amuse and amaze our audiences. Magic is a true source of wonder, and we love sharing it!

Who Are We?

With us, you get two entertainers performing a wide variety of fun, laugh-out-loud magic, combining sleight-of-hand with sleight-of-mind.

We love performing our magic, entertaining people, and having fun. It would be great if we could chat and see what we can do for you: please use or contact information to get in touch or click here to fill in our enquiry form!

Our unique and entertaining performances are a great way to get together and share something special. It doesn’t matter the nature of the event or where your event is, our magical performances are incredibly engaging, fun and a unique experience for all people!

George has been performing and entertaining for over 30 years, and Alex has been performing and entertaining for more than 15 years.

We have been performing professionally together for over 10 years at a large variety of events, including parties, weddings and corporate experiences for brands and services like Amazon, the US Federal Reserve, ASDA, Specsavers, the NHS, and many universities.

Making It Special For You

We love to customise, personalise and tailor-make our magic so it is a powerful, emotional, and touching moment that they remember for a long time afterwards.

Magic is already an incredibly unique and powerful way to entertain people – we count ourselves as being incredibly lucky to go around the country sharing this strange and wonderful entertainment with people. What makes it even more unique is just how personalised we can make our effects – not everyone can have a song written for them or a beautiful portrait commissioned, but we can give you and your special guests a series of unique tricks, souvenirs and memories that belong to only them.

For instance, our signature piece involves an intimate and astounding moment of magic that leaves people speechless and with a handmade, personalised, treasured piece of art they can keep forever as a souvenir.

Every Show Is Unique

Each performance is a unique experience, and we never forget that. We can adapt our act to whatever circumstances you have and so that every effect is personal, powerful and fun!

Some of Our Reviews

Get In Touch

We love our magic, and we’re so grateful that we can bring this sense of wonder, a feeling of amazement and a buzz of excitement to parties across the UK. We love the reactions our comedy magic gets – people cry with laughter, jump with amazement and are shocked by our mind-blowing magic – all whilst being fun, engaging and entertaining. It would be great if we could bring this to your party! 

We’d love to have a chat with you about how we can entertain and mystify at your party. Please call or email us, we’re always happy to help and answer any questions. 

Get In Touch

  • Halesowen, West Midlands, B63​


  • 07941 521 469

Contact Us

Get In Touch
  • Halesowen, West Midlands, B63​


  • 07941 521 469

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